Hunting Trips

We At On the Fly love to share all of our passions with our clients! We are proud to offer select waterfowl and cast and blast trips. We primarily hunt the Big Horn but have also had success in other places as our scouting dictates. Our passion is hunting birds with our dogs, whether that is hunting ducks over decoys or running Islands for wily pheasants, there is nothing more exciting than working dogs.

Our dogs are top-tiered and hand-picked. We also run a training facility that specializes in training gun dogs. The dogs are worked 12 months a year and love what they get to do for us! Please feel free to check our picture gallery or visit us on Facebook and Instagram for some eye candy! 

Imagine yourself on this hunt. A nice early morning truck ride to the river where we launch well before sunrise. As you take a comfortable ride in a spacious jet boat to the many blinds that we scout well before your hunt, you can get out to wait patiently in a comfortable heated blind. As the last decoys are thrown you watch the orange sky as the sun rises over the river eagerly anticipating shoot time.

We hunt till late morning and then enjoy a great brunch before heading back for the day.

Bird cleaning is included in the price and we encourage you to joins us! There may or may not be a beer drank in the process. Please make arraignments before the hunt for your birds as it’s the law to not waste the harvest. 

Cost is $375 per gun, minimum of 2 guns. Shotguns, ammo, and gratuity are not provided. Please inquire as to rental rates if needed. 

We are also proud of having been featured in Duck Unlimited magazine, Wildfowl, and local publications such as the Billings Gazette.

Fishing Trips

For a single person, single day fishing – the price is $500. For two people, single day fish – the price is $550. We do not offer half day prices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about multiple day scenarios.

It is important to us that your trip be a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are experienced professionals and will always do our best to provide you with the best trip possible. While we can’t guarantee the fish will bite, we can always guarantee we’ll make your trip safe and enjoyable.

We provide fishing services and do not own or operate a lodge. However, we have negotiated prices with different lodging opportunities. We have also negotiated prices for private catering.

Before your trip, be sure to look over our list of things to remember so you don’t leave important equipment/clothing at home!